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Quality, Service, Creativity, Values, Respect, Integrity, Caring, Engagement, Community.

Ymowood whole activity is based on a number of values, which determine his choices and animate his approach. Values that allow it to produce, transmit, evolve in respect of each. We are working to contribute to the sustainable development of our communities.



We ensure the quality of our service. We are in what we do. There is no doubt. We are the ever best real estate.



Our mission is to promote the human community. We believe in the community that brings peace of mind and soul.

Alternate Energy

Alternate Energy

We bring the energy that never last. We use natural resources to build such environment where energy never ends.

Our Mission          xxxxxxxxxxx

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Forestry and Silviculture

We operate – we produce – and we responsibly use our natural resources. We ensure sustainable forest management and related measurements plus enhancing environment .

Wood Processing

The transformation of wood step by step, from wood tree to finished products. Wooden and Sustainable House, Lumber, Boards, Rafters, Planks, Furniture, Decoration.


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